Understanding people, fears and wisdom

Understanding people, fears and wisdom

Interview with Pernille W. Lauritsen

Pernille is the founder of Mindjuice in Denmark, speaker, author and social changemaker. She is passionate about people – helping people and youth find the courage inside to become visionary leaders.

Watch this interview to learn:

  • The power of taking the time to understand people deeply – and how much people, even criminals, yearn to feel understood.
  • How to face what your fears – and how they are holding you back
  • The importance of being honest to yourself and the world and to accept the sides that you think are holding yourself back – and view them as strengths.

To dive deeper into Pernille’s work – check out their webpage mindjuice.com Also check out their amazing Non-profit project Unge Akademiet.

This interview is done by: Heine Kolltveit works with people who want to create a better world while enjoying life on the way.
He helps these changemakers operate from a place of inner peace and calm and from there create an even bigger impact in the world.epicchangemakers.com

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